About us

Proudly serving the Northwest of Ireland since 1991

Where we started

The Sandwich Co opened our first sandwich bar in 1991 in the heart of Derry City. Our goal was simple and still remains at the core of our business: to serve Ireland’s finest sandwiches, made fresh each day, to our customers in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Now, with six cafés across the Northwest, our goals have expanded: we strive for consistent quality across every café in terms of location, service, and food. Each location may offer its own unique atmosphere and character, but if you have a favourite sandwich in our Diamond café, you can expect it to taste exactly the same from the experienced hands of our Letterkenny staff.

Our Journey

Since that first sandwich bar, our outlets have evolved into cafés dedicated to providing our award-winning service to our customers, from our ever-popular range of sandwiches to our new offerings of hot food – and, of course, our damn fine coffee! We now have cafés on both sides of the border, in Derry, Coleraine, Omagh, and Letterkenny.



Our Place

The Northwest is a beautiful area of the island of Ireland. From the historic Derry walls to the Causeway Coast, we are steeped in history, culture, music, and the arts. From traditional Irish folk music and crafts, to world-famous music legends, to Ireland’s best golf courses, the Northwest offers a vast range of attractions, activities, and memories for visitors from around the world, and for those lucky enough to live here – and our cafés, a natural stop off point for all.

Our Standard

Our staff are trained to make excellent coffees, including lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos. There’s a reason that when you see a paper coffee cup, it more often than not says Sandwich Co! Every step of the delicate coffee production process is as important as the last. From ripe coffee, cherries picked at their peak to gurgling away in our cafés and tempting all with its aroma. We grade our coffee by our own standards, as well as international standards, so we can track our beans from plant to pot, ensuring that we are involved in good businesses and that your money goes to fairly compensating people every step of the way.



Our Values

Each of our cafés is ideally located to serve both locals and visitors, sitting close to transport hubs and local attractions. Tourists will always find us well placed for everywhere they want to visit, and whether dropping the kids off at school or popping out for lunch, we are always popular with locals.



Our focus is on providing for the community. We regularly engage local people to find out what's wanted, so we can use our experience and resources to provide what's needed.


Healthy balanced diet and a friendly, cultured environment mean we create an ideal environment for families and friends to make memories.

Fair Trade

We support fair trade and engage with local entrepreneurs whenever we can to support and drive local economic growth.

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